Mission Statement
"To contribute to the advancement of the Kelowna area by providing young active citizens with development opportunities in leadership, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and fellowship necessary to affect positive change and influence in our community of Kelowna, BC."

Who are we?
JCI Kelowna is a group of young professionals and entrepreneurs, ages 18-40, that strive to grow as individuals while positively impacting our community, Kelowna, BC.  Established in 1935, the Kelowna Jaycees have a rich history and are one of the city's oldest professional groups. 

We are focused on personal development and leadership by taking on local projects and events, and by participating in training and network opportunities.  Our unit promotes fun and camaraderie throughout these activities.  

What is Junior Chamber International (JCI)?
JCI Kelowna and our members are affiliated with Junior Chamber International, a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs.  JCI Canada is a national organization with approximately 35 chapters/units active in communities from coast to coast. It is Canada’s premier leadership development organization. As part of JCI Canada, our members are exposed to national and international opportunities.
Visit JCI Canada website
Visit Junior Chamber International website

Who are our members?
Young, dynamic individuals wishing to create positive change in the world, their communities and themselves.

Why do people join?
We provide the opportunity for members to develop solid business and leadership skills that will bring benefits both personally and professionally. Joining the JCI Kelowna also provides an opportunity to network, develop business relationships, and develop personal friendships.

How do we provide these opportunities?
By joining a local chapter like JCI Kelowna, members may participate in a variety of activities, including effective speaking, business plan writing, unique business training, organizing local events, –and so much more!

Like to travel?
Programs and events are available on the local, national and international levels to fulfill your travel bug!


We are an inclusive community!