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Joining the Unit
If you are between 18-40, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join. JCI Kelowna will help you develop personally through training, events, and social gatherings as well as provide business networking opportunities. If you fall into anyone of the following categories then the Jaycees are for you:

• just moved to Kelowna and need to meet some people
• want a new circle of friends or to meet new people
• looking for a job
• own a business
• in sales, marketing, HR, or management of a business
• want to help better the Kelowna community
• looking for volunteer opportunities
• want to improve your self confidence
• want to build your resume
• want to travel around the world and meet new people
• want to have fun
• want to try new things.


Here are some common questions about joining JCI Kelowna.

Can I attend a meeting before becoming a member?
YES! We invite you to attend your first couple of meetings free of charge so that you can get to know our organization. Guests are welcome anytime and may attend the first couple of meetings without any membership fees!


What time commitment is needed?
The JCI time commitment varies based on your areas of interest and how involved you want to be. Everyone is different, but once a commitment is made, we expect you to fulfill it. At the least, there is one general meeting per month, but if you are involved in committees or at the Executive level, expect a greater time commitment. This is a learn by doing organization. Just remember, like most things, you get far more out of it than you put in and the more you put in, the greater the rewards.

What does it cost?
The membership fees are $190.00/year.

How to join?
For more information about joining the Kelowna Jaycees, please contact our Director of Membership <> or fill out the form at