After the successful multi-year campaign in the early 1990’s to assist with the establishment of the Kelowna Jaycees Downtown Youth Centre, the Kelowna Jaycees are looking for another large community impact project to engage our members and further improve the lives of those community members we care about.


The Kelowna Jaycees are looking for project proposals from both their membership and the community to ensure that the best cause and highest degree of impact can be found. The following are the criteria, as approved by membership, for what type of project the Kelowna Jaycees will accept:


  • Long term, local community impact through physical (i.e. building/park), social (i.e. community program), or environmental (i.e. remediation, restoration of a sensitive area) means.
  • If assisting a currently existing charity or NPO, the Jaycee’s will take the lead to garners significant support from the community.
  • Once the project is complete there will continue to be opportunities for the Jaycees membership to be involved with it.
  • The project will appeal to both current membership and what we see as future membership.
  • The project will have the largest impact possible for the amount of funds and/or labour required.
  • The project will leverage the skills of our membership.
  • The result of the project will forever be linked to our group through naming or other means.


Community members with a project idea are invited to send a one-page proposal of how your idea meets the above criteria to If we determine that the idea is of interest we will invite the proponent to prepare a more detailed proposal at that time. The deadline for initial submissions is September 30, 2016.


About the Kelowna Jaycees

The Kelowna Jaycees are a group of young professionals and entrepreneurs, ages 18-40, that strive to grow as individuals while positively impacting our community, Kelowna, BC.  Established in 1935, the Kelowna Jaycees have a rich history and are one of the city's oldest professional groups.


We are focused on personal development and leadership by taking on local projects and events, and by participating in training and network opportunities.  Our unit promotes fun and camaraderie throughout these activities.




To learn more about this initiative, please contact

Graham Moir, Chair - Legacy Project Committee

PO Box 20246

Kelowna, BC V1Y 9H2

Legacy Project Criteria